Extension settings in Sync

As you might already know, Chrome syncs your browser settings, bookmarks, history, previous form values etc across other Chrome browsers, wherever you are logged in. This is one of the most desired functionality of the Chrome browser, since the user will get a seamless browsing experience across all of his devices.

Chrome does this by Signing you in to the browser when the browser is launched, which is accessible at the settings page. Please note that this sign-in is different from the sign-in to Google Services, like Gmail, Google Plus etc.

Chrome recently facilitated extensions to use this sync feature, to sync the settings across multiple computers. By using the standard mechanism provided by Google Chrome browser, QuickTweet also will sync the extension settings across your multiple computers, when you save the settings. Enjoy the same settings in all your devices.

Which computer's settings will be synced?

The computer on which the extension settings are saved for the first time, will be synced across all the devices. From then on, you can save the settings as you wish on the other devices. The settings will be synced as and when you save.

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